July 25, 2024

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Arrive Logistics’ Commitment to Employee Development

When Enterprise Partnership Representative Austin Vandiver first joined Arrive Logistics, he had no prior knowledge of the supply chain and logistics industry — but that didn’t prevent him from excelling in his role, thanks to development opportunities offered by his new employer.

“I was able to buy into the incredible training program Arrive has to offer, which is filled with the curriculum and resources that will make someone successful in this industry,” he said. “The hunger to be successful pushed me into receiving an award for Hustler of the Year in my first year, and I carry that desire and hustle with me to this day.”

Vandiver’s successful integration into his new role is just one example of how the company’s robust professional development resources enable employees to build successful and sustainable careers at Arrive. His journey exemplifies Arrive’s culture surrounding professional development and growth, and leaders across the company have similar stories to share.

Client Success Manager Shannon O’Flynn has seen her career flourish over her six-year tenure at Arrive. Starting as an entry-level sales associate, Shannon transitioned into client success, progressing from account executive to team lead and eventually into management. She attributes her growth to the ample opportunities for skill development provided by Arrive. 

“From formal training programs, mentorship opportunities and on-the-job learning experiences, I’ve been able to acquire new skills and enhance existing ones,” she said. “I’ve had the chance to work on challenging projects, collaborate with talented colleagues and expand my skill set in ways I never imagined. The company’s culture of innovation and excellence has inspired me to strive for continuous improvement and to push the boundaries of what I thought possible in my career.”


“The company’s culture of innovation and excellence has inspired me to strive for continuous improvement and to push the boundaries of what I thought possible in my career.”


Through its comprehensive training programs, robust mentorship culture and a work environment that fosters empowerment and innovation, Arrive Logistics offers its employees a path to continuous improvement and success.


“There are infinite professional development opportunities as long as you’re willing to seek them out,” said Carrier Sales Manager Haley Bitzer, and as a leader, she encourages her team to seek those opportunities for growth.

“The success of my group is fully dependent on the achievements of my reps individually so every day I come in trying to help each of them grow as much as possible,” she said.

This support isn’t unique to Bitzer’s team — mentorship plays a pivotal role at Arrive Logistics. Both formal and informal mentorship programs are ingrained in the company culture, providing employees with continuous guidance and support. O’Flynn emphasized the importance of mentorship in her managerial role, where she oversees a team and ensures each member meets performance expectations and remains engaged.

“Our seasoned reps have the opportunity to serve as mentors for new hires. They meet with their mentees weekly to discuss successes, challenges, stressors, and day-to-day operations,” she explains.

Each new sales rep is assigned a mentor to work with over 23 weeks of training, which not only helps new team members acclimate to and excel in their roles, but also creates opportunities for growth and leadership development for the more experienced reps.

O’Flynn’s own experience illustrates the value of these leadership opportunities.

“The company fosters a culture of empowerment,” she said. “I’m encouraged to take ownership of my projects, pursue innovative ideas, and make meaningful contributions to my team and the organization as a whole.”


Six Arrive employees stand in front of a wall featuring a map-style graphic. Each person holds a certificate.
Arrive Logistics


Bitzer highlighted the company’s efforts to provide leadership training and professional development opportunities, and how those opportunities exemplify Arrive’s commitment to preparing employees for the future. She highlighted the company’s investment in training and courses for those who are interested in refining their abilities or seeking new skill sets.

Over time, Bitzer has seen that investment pay off in her own career, as she has grown from an entry-level position to company leader over the last six years.

“Working for Arrive has taught me so much about the logistics and supply chain industry. It was something I never thought about before starting my career, but it’s truly essential to all consumer companies and the economy as a whole,” she said. “Not only have I learned the ins and outs of the industry, but I’ve gained so many intangible skills that are transferable to different positions and in my personal life. People management, negotiation and problem-solving are all skills I use every day at work and far beyond Arrive.”


Purpose-Driven Advancement

Beyond professional growth, Arrive Logistics offers a work environment that enriches employees’ personal lives, according to O’Flynn.

“Joining this company has brought me a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Being part of a team that is passionate about making a difference in the industry has given me a renewed sense of motivation and drive,” she shared. “I’ve formed meaningful relationships with my coworkers, who have become friends and mentors. Joining this company has been a rewarding journey that has helped me grow professionally, while also enriching my personal life in ways I never expected.”


“Being part of a team that is passionate about making a difference in the world has given me a renewed sense of motivation and drive.”


For Bitzer, a culture of transparency has helped her build meaningful relationships that promote her growth and development.

“I really value the open and honest relationships I have with my managers — they have always supported me and made my opinions and feedback feel heard. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and feel encouraged to challenge the status quo,” she said.

Vandiver, too, appreciates how the company’s leadership listens to employees, making them feel valued and heard.

“Arrive listens to its employees, and that’s a part of the reason why we have accelerated to where we are today. The company has been built on feedback from the employees,” he said. “When Arrive listens to suggestions from me and my teammates, it leads us closer to accomplishing our career goals.”


“Arrive listens to its employees, and that’s a part of the reason why we have accelerated to where we are today.”


Vandiver applies this inquisitive approach to his own leadership style.

“I’m constantly striving to enhance my ability to motivate and inspire my team, foster collaboration and drive results,” he said. “By staying curious and open to new ideas, I hope to continue growing professionally and contribute meaningfully to my organization’s success.”

O’Flynn, too, has taken lessons from her experiences within Arrive’s culture and implemented them in her own managerial practices.

“The culture of growth and career development starts on day one and continues to stay a priority through each step of someone’s tenure,” she said. “I aspire to lead by example by continuously pushing myself out of my comfort zone, embracing new challenges and seeking out opportunities for growth. I want to empower others to reach their full potential and drive innovation and excellence in everything we do.”