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What’s New


July 2023

The Hiring Overview for Managers Learning Path was updated to reflect Public Act No. 23-194, An Act Accelerating the State Hiring Process.

March 2023

The 2023 Aspiring Leaders Development Program kicked off on March 28.  Over the next five months, the 20 participants will grow their capabilities to lead, influence, facilitate, strategize, and champion change. 

Aspiring Leaders class of 2023


February 2023

It’s the beginning of the year and a great opportunity to sharpen your skills by accessing your LinkedIn Learning’s new learning content. You can easily upskill with quick, actionable advice from LinkedIn Learning’s Nano Tips, displayed in the 30 minutes or less carousel located toward the bottom of your LinkedIn Learning Home page. 

The newly released LinkedIn Learning training available to support Hiring Mangers of in-scope Executive Branch agencies, Hiring Overview for Managers, continues to garner interest for Hiring Managers looking to gain a better understanding of the recruitment process. For Hiring Managers, HR Generalists, HR Business Partners, Talent Solutions, and EEO, please complete training by March 2023.


January 2023

DAS Commissioner Michelle Gilman announce the release of new, customized LinkedIn Learning training available to support Hiring Mangers of in-scope Executive Branch agencies. The Hiring Overview for Managers provides a high-level overview of the recruitment process, which will enable Hiring Managers to play a lead role in recruiting top talent and building successful teams here at the State of Connecticut.  


Using a framework of planning, networking, selecting, and hiring, Hiring Managers will learn how to navigate the recruitment milestones, anticipate available options, and engage in key discussions with their HR Generalist and HR Business Partner – all through the Hiring Manager lens.  


Hiring Managers, HR Generalists, HR Business Partners, Talent Solutions, and EEO are asked to complete training by March 2023.


June 4, 2021

The rollout of LinkedIn Learning to in-scope Executive Branch agencies has officially kicked off and will be completed throughout the summer. Your agency HR Business Partner or HR Administrator will notify you when the platform is available in your agency. LinkedIn Learning offers employees unlimited access to 16,000 modern and relevant video courses taught by real-world professionals covering a wide range of learning needs, from business, technical and skill development, to skills to help you navigate the workplace and societal issues.

LinkedIn Learning represents an investment in you, our talent, and we want you to begin reaping all the benefits the platform offers for professional and personal development. Here is what our employees are saying about LinkedIn Learning, and we hope you, too, will enjoy all the new horizons you’ll discover in LinkedIn Learning.

“What I LOVE about LinkedIn Learning is that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for professional development in the workplace or for improving soft skills, there are modules available for both and everything in between!”

“LinkedIn Learning is an exciting and modern way to learn from experts in their fields on topics you’re interested in and that can enrich your professional career.”

“I really enjoyed my overall experience using the LinkedIn Learning platform. I found it to be easy to navigate, the courses were interesting and there was quite an array of subject matter to choose from. There was something for everyone!”