July 24, 2024

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Training Staff? The Manitoba government has incentives!

You know the value of employee training. It equips your team with the skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively perform their jobs. It is an investment to grow your people and grow your business.

To help Manitoba employers build and maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace, the province offers the financial supports described below and can assist employers with:

  • Identifying their training needs
  • Connecting with suitable job seekers
  • Completing grant applications
  • Learning about training delivered by third-party service providers
  • Sharing insight on other workforce development programs and services

Workforce Development Program

The Workforce Development Program helps employers develop their employee training plans. Support is customized to the company’s needs to build internal capacity and conduct employee training.

Who is eligible?
Eligible employers include:

  • Small and medium-sized privately-owned companies that have a CRA Business Number and conduct business in Manitoba.
  • Larger companies can apply if they are in highly competitive markets where innovation and new products are essential to retain market share, and the company is a strong contributor to the regional or provincial economy.

Ineligible employers include any business that already receives government funding.

What help is provided to employers?
Assistance can include:

  • Brokering relevant training resources: The main focus is in-house training that is not available from external training providers and/or training related to proprietary products, processes, information. A train-the-trainer approach allows key employees to work with the province and return to their workplace to complete the company’s in-house training.
  • Funding: Training costs are typically shared equally by the province and the employer. The amount of funding is based on many factors including the net economic and other benefits to the province, training reasons, outcomes and costs, workforce impact, etc. The funds can offset productivity loss when employees are off the job to participate in training, or to pay external supports to develop and deliver in-house training, etc.

What are some examples?
The Workforce Development Program is customizable. Some recent participants include:

  • A small technology business was quickly expanding but needed HR plans. One employee worked for 6 months with the province to establish the company’s HR processes and documents.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic compelled a business to adapt its business practices. Senior managers worked with the province to shift the company’s processes.
  • After purchasing new customer-management software, a few employees came to the province to learn how to use the program and returned to the workplace to train all employees.
  • A small restaurant had a vision to offer the same experience as a popular national chain. The province helped the owner finalize their processes and training curriculum, so they became self sufficient with in-house training.

When can I apply?
There is no deadline and applications are reviewed on a continuous basis. Employers are encouraged to submit applications early in the program’s fiscal year, which runs April to March.

How are the funds paid?
Once an agreement is in place with the province, the employer pays the costs and then the province reimburses the government’s share of the costs.

Still have questions?
If you are interested in learning more, contact Manitoba Government Inquiry at 204-945-3744, 1-866-626-4862 or [email protected]. A provincial consultant will be assigned to your inquiry to answer questions and provide more information.

Canada-Manitoba Job Grant (Not currently accepting applications)

The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant  (CMJG) is an employer-driven program for developing the skills of new or existing employees to help them meet the requirements of their present job, or to move up in the company.

The Job Grant contributes up to 75% of eligible training costs for small employers (fewer than 100 employees), and up to 50% for larger businesses. Companies of all sizes can apply for up to $10,000 per employee. Training must be conducted by a third-party provider.

When can I apply?
Applications are currently closed. We will update once a new application window is announced.  

What training topics are eligible?

  • Avoiding layoffs
  • Increasing teamwork and strengthening leadership skills
  • Export development
  • Implementing new equipment, new products, new technology
  • Increasing productivity, marketing, and sales, including support for E-Commerce
  • Regulatory requirements

What is required of the employer?
Participating employers must:

  • Have a job available for the trained employee
  • Agree to provide follow-up reports to the government about training costs and results along with invoices and proof of payment.

Employers will be able to:

  • Determine what training is needed
  • Select who will receive training
  • Decide which third-party trainer will deliver the training

Ineligible employers include:

  • Prior recipients of Canada-Manitoba Job Grants who have had up to three contracts in the last five years.
  • Current recipient of funding from Manitoba under another Industry Workforce Development program such as the Industry Expansion Program , or the Workforce Development Program
  • Employers who don’t meet all of the eligibility criteria listed on the grant application
  • K-12 schools funded by provincial/federal sources
  • Organizations who are funded solely with provincial dollars

Who can be trained?
Training participants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Temporary foreign workers are not eligible. Candidates include individuals who are:

  • Unemployed
  • Employed but seeking a better job
  • Employed but want to enhance skills for an existing job

How is the training done?
Approved third-party trainers include:

  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Private vocational institutions
  • Sector councils or industry associations
  • Union organizations
  • Equipment manufacturers and other private trainers that have the applicable curriculum, knowledge, qualifications, and equipment or materials required for training

Training can take place at the workplace, in a classroom or training facility, or online.

What are the eligible training costs?
Eligible training costs include:

  • Tuition
  • Training provider fees
  • Student fees
  • Textbooks, software that is used to administer training and other training materials
  • Examination fees
  • Travel costs for individuals residing in northern and remote communities to attend training events in Manitoba delivered outside their communities or unavailable online

How is the Job Grant paid to an employer?
The employer selects and pays the trainer. To be reimbursed for the eligible training costs, the employer must submit:

  • Training Plan Report
  • Training Evaluation
  • Proof of payment of eligible training costs (e.g., invoice and cancelled cheque; invoice and PayPal receipt, etc.)

Still have questions?
More information is available at CMJG and in the Employer Fact Sheet and FAQs. You can also contact Manitoba Government Inquiry at 204-945-3744, 1-866-626-4862 or [email protected].

CFIB Business Advisors are available to answer CFIB members’ questions. Contact us at 1-833-568-2342 or [email protected].